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TSGACo. Baeron Waxed Collection

TSGACo. Baeron Waxed Collection

A well-made, long-lasting and styling layering piece is equatable to a well-looked-after Series Land Rover, it just won't quit.  A perfect option for the cool breezy mornings in the Lowcountry to the kaleidoscopic fall days in the High Country, the Baeron Waxed Collection is our addition to the tradition of well-made goods from TSG.

Built using our proprietary waxed blend of twill and Spandex™, housing a number of pockets, this perfect mix of good-sense design, traditional styling and modern fabric blends, we know this will be your perfect addition as well.


TSG Briar BritchesTSG Briar Britches
TSG Baeron Waxed Vest (Rustic Olive)TSG Baeron Waxed Vest (Rustic Olive)
TSG Baeron Waxed Jacket (Rustic Olive)TSG Baeron Waxed Jacket (Rustic Olive)
Sold outTSG Waxed Briar Chaps (Rustic Olive)TSG Waxed Briar Chaps (Rustic Olive)
TSG Baeron Waxed Jacket (Oxbow™)
TSG Baeron Waxed Jacket (Oxbow™)TSG Baeron Waxed Jacket (Oxbow™)
Sold outTSG Baeron Waxed Game VestTSG Baeron Waxed Game Vest
Limited Edition
Sold out
TSG Waxed Briar Chaps (Limited Edition Oxbow™)TSG Waxed Briar Chaps (Limited Edition Oxbow™)
TSG Baeron Waxed Vest (Oxbow™)TSG Baeron Waxed Vest (Oxbow™)