The Sporting Gent Bamboo Fly Rod From John Hollifield

John Hollifield Bamboo Rod for The Sporting Gent Lifestyle Shot of John Hollifield's Bamboo Fly Rod for The Sporting Gent The Sporting Gent's John Hollifield Bamboo Fly Rod and Reel


In our search of the perfect river companion, we looked back to the era of the originals, the generation which taught us how to throw line.

A Carolina native, John Hollifield, was the perfect master to help us recreate for you, that eternal feeling of landing the perfect fish, as those that came before have for generations.

Constructed of the finest bamboo and hardware available, our rod is surprisingly powerful yet retains the grace and charm of a timeless classic.

Introducing The Sporting Gent’s Bamboo Fly Rod. Designed and built by John Hollifield exclusively for you. Available in a traditional 8 foot, 5 weight two-piece package, custom options are also available.

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The Sporting Gent Bamboo Rod
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