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Your Lifestyle is Our Story

The sporting culture holds its roots in a time before this nation became the great one it is today... It crossed an ocean to replant itself & grow with its own set of unique traits.


Whether chasing game to survive, as an expression of one’s commitment to conservation, or simply to impress the fairer sex, the men who endeared themselves to this lifestyle were at least the same in one aspect: gentlemen, they all.

The sporting lifestyle parallels the Southern culture as it continuously reflects on its past. The stories and tools of the trade may have changed over the years, but the purpose remains the same: to remember and relive the days gone by. To put it simply, the sporting life is as much about the passage of information from one generation to the next as it is about the fair chase of game.

As sportsmen, we grew up learning and listening to countless anecdotes and lessons on manners. We received an invaluable education on life (taught in the only classroom we willingly chose to spend time in) and were instilled with a respect and appreciation for the great outdoors and a myriad of principles we carry with us to this day.

Whether going afield or attending a society affair, the true sporting gent remembers the men of years past and the customs passed down from generation to generation. And he carries on those traditions in the goods he chooses to sport into the field, wade the river with, or wear to the dinner table. Quality, craftsmanship, and years of loyalty are the defining influencers.

As purveyors of the lifestyle, we hope to continue the exchange. Through a selection of products - from bow ties to dry flies - which subtly highlight the key aspects of southern culture, we aim to outfit the true sporting gent in every man.