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Men's belts.  They do more than just hold our britches in place.  Here at the TSG Belt Shop we make all of our belts in the great ol' USA by small batch artisans who have perfected the art of leatherwork and quality craftsmanship.  That said, here are some ideas we (don't) suggest trying with our belts: repelling down the side of a building, pretending you're Indiana Jones, using it a strop for knife sharpening, bundling fire wood, and any other ideas that your mom probably would wince at.

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TSG Navajo Canvas Belt
TSG Rubber Mallards Canvas Belt
TSG Fish to Death Canvas Belt
TSG Old Glory Canvas Belt
TSG Rosario Canvas Belt
TSG Santa Fe Canvas Belt
TSG Croatan Canvas Belt
TSG Clayton Leather Belt
Personalize MeTSG Clayton Leather BeltTSG Clayton Leather Belt
TSG x Wingo Orange Basecamp Belt
TSG x Wingo Olive Basecamp Belt
TSG x Wingo Troutfecta Basecamp Belt
Sold outTSG x Wingo Oxbow Basecamp Belt
TSG Troutfecta Canvas BeltTSG Troutfecta Canvas Belt
Personalize MeTSG Harness Leather BeltTSG Harness Leather Belt
TSG Waxed Field BeltTSG Waxed Field Belt
Personalize MeTSG 12 Gauge Harness Leather BeltTSG 12 Gauge Harness Leather Belt
The Hornets Nest Canvas BeltThe Hornets Nest Canvas Belt
The Oxbow Canvas BeltThe Oxbow Canvas Belt