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Bill Murray said it right, “I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.”  Man's Best Friend.  Treat your buddy to the best with our ready-made Field Collar and other dog accessories - built using the best materials so your four-legged companion doesn't skip a beat on your next adventure together.

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Garmin Pro 550 Series CollarGarmin Pro 550 Series Collar
Dokken Dove Scent (2 oz.)
Dokken Quail Scent (2 oz.)
Dokken Lanyard
Dokken Pro WhistleDokken Pro Whistle
Dokken Canvas Dummy
Dokken Rubber Knobby DummyDokken Rubber Knobby Dummy
Sold outDokken Dead Fowl Puppy Pheasant
Dokken Dead Fowl Puppy Quail
Dokken Dead Fowl Puppy Dove
Dokken Dead Fowl Puppy Mallard
Sold outDokken Dead Fowl Bobwhite Quail
Sold outDokken Dead Fowl Pheasant
Sold outDokken Dead Fowl Mourning DoveDokken Dead Fowl Mourning Dove
Sold outDokken Dead Fowl Miniature Mallard
Garmin Delta SE Collar BundleGarmin Delta SE Collar Bundle
Fishpond Bow Wow Travel Food Bowl
Fishpond Bow Wow Travel Food BowlFishpond Bow Wow Travel Food Bowl
TSG x Wingo Troutfecta Dog Leash
TSG x Wingo Troutfecta Dog Collar
TSG x Wingo Oxbow Dog Collar
TSG x Wingo Oxbow Dog Leash
Filson Short Dog Bowl
TSG Field CollarTSG Field Collar
Garmin Sport Pro Bundle
Sold outGarmin Delta Upland XC System Bundle
Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe
TSG Field Dog LeadTSG Field Dog Lead