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Suddenly there is bamboo everywhere! Bamboo coffee filters, toilet paper, tissues, bedding, my backyard, and towels are now commonplace in households looking to support a renewable lifestyle while adding comfort with natural benefits. 

Amongst the rhododendrons in Appalachia, casting lanes can be hard to locate and are often not where the cover-comfortable fish hang out. Roll casts can help in some situations but you’ve gotten yourself into a tight spot and only a special cast can connect you to a fish that isn’t too far off the tip of your rod. However, you’ve read this article and have added a deadly accurate bow & arrow cast to your arsenal. Here are some tips for sticking more fish without “casting”. 

Whether it's your first dove hunt or your fiftieth there are some essential field items for a great hunt. The following is our checklist for a successful day of shooting birds.     
Attacking a pond is like a therapy session. Once the truck is in park and your poles are in hand all the problems of the world drown underneath the orchestra of frogs. The familiar smell of sulfur fills the air with an aroma disliked by those living too fast and loved by us who like to feel the mud between our toes.
"Even with language barriers, if you share a drink with a man, it’s a sign of mutual respect that every tradition and ritual can get behind! For many, whiskey and coffee are a universal language." - Alex Anderson
It's been a mighty hot wait for your date to appear on my calendar but it's almost here. I have cleaned my bucket of mulch and fish scales in preparation for ice and feathers. The rotating seat now grinds a little harder from the built up grit and the duct tape field repair of the cushion might need to be replaced. The trusty Remmington 1187, propped up in the closet since last year’s last shoot, has gotten a little rusty and so have I.

A life in the Carolina piedmont can lend to  an unconscious sense of the borderline, abruptly pronouncing itself in the asphalt of  backroads, the trees, the terroir: a different Southern accent. Aside from the birth of a child, it  takes a compelling reason to wake me before the sun. Heading to a boat marina, a blind, or a  hunt camp qualifies on that list. A day in the quail woods tops it. 

Summer time in the American Rockies is a true right-of-passage for any angler, especially for those of you who choose to make it your first foray into the world of fly angling.  Welcome to the Mountain Top, Chief.  Literally.   So for the noobs hitting the rivers of Montana, Colorado and Idaho over the next few weeks: Here's your go to shopping guide so you don't fish or look like one.

Attacking small water is closer to hunting than it is fishing. Skittish creek trout must be stalked rather than waded up on. Due to the limited space, your sounds and movements as you approach can cause quite a ruckus. Like bow hunting, the angle of attack for creeks is stealthy with an acute awareness of environment and your impacts to it.
It is not just the start of another awesome weekend in the Carolinas, but also the 247th anniversary of liberty! Maybe you thought that was best celebrated on July 4, but more than a year ahead of Thomas Jefferson’s better known Declaration to King George in 1776, a group over 25 freedom loving citizens in the Charlotte-area made the earliest action of kicking out the crown with the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence on May 20, 1775!
Often clichéd, but nonetheless true, we love to joke with our female guests that our nickname is “it’s my husband/brother/son’s birthday.”
Barring one more cold snap, we’ve made it. Spring is here and the fish activity along the Blue Ridge Mountains is on! To make the best of your time on the water, we here at The Sporting Gent bring you a beginner’s guide to fishing the majesty of the rhododendron-choked blue lines of the Southern Appalachians...
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