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Article: Bamboo: A TSG Guide to "Why?"

Bamboo: A TSG Guide to "Why?"

Bamboo: A TSG Guide to "Why?"

Suddenly there is bamboo everywhere! Bamboo coffee filters, toilet paper, tissues, bedding, my backyard, and towels are now commonplace in households looking to support a renewable lifestyle while adding comfort with natural benefits. The earliest U.S. Patent for a bamboo viscose material was filed by some feller named Philipp Lichtenstadt in 1864 who created a process similar to today’s methods. Many people have experimented with bamboo fibers for a long, long time and here at TSG, we’ve explored the bamboo forest with Airetex technology weaved into our Brooks shirts and Allszn collection. Yes, bamboo is awesome but let us break down why you should be wearing more bamboo:

  • The natural 20+ UPF turns the garment into wearable sunscreen that doesn’t make your skin sticky or oily.

  • For the all-day outdoor adventurer’s, the anti-microbial, -bacterial, and -fungal properties mitigate body odor. This prevents you from stinking up the local fly shop or the cabin before getting into the water or drawing some nasty looks at the takeout ramp. #stanky

  • Fact: bamboo blends are MUCH softer than cotton. For the days of 10,000 casts or more, our Airetex™ fabric glides across your skin reducing irritation and rashes that might cut your expedition short.

  • Fact: bamboo is also cooler than cotton. Not saying you won’t look way cooler in an Allszn but the studies have shown that bamboo viscose is 3 degrees cooler than cotton. And trust us, we need everything we can get to be cooler.

  • Pockets are wonderful but the open frocket is so 2011. The zipper chest pocket on the Allszn keeps all of your essentials secure and within reach. And not at the bottom of a river…talking from experience.

Our Airetex™ technology captures all of the benefits of bamboo and, in combination with our perfect fit, you can’t go wrong.

Shop our collection of Airetex™ goods here.

Charles Hargrove | Shopkeeper | Tight Line Enthusiast


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