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Oxbow™ Camo

Oxbow™ Camo

There's no school like the old school - hence the vintage, and may-we-say bada**, Oxbow pattern we developed here at TSG.  This pattern is formulated to give you concealment in a blind, field or stream with colors that naturally appear during the best season to be outside - everyday.  So you can basically go outside and look like a bada** too.  We've said that twice now.  We're going to get in trouble soon.  Buy Oxbow Camo gear and be a good boy.  'Whew.

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TSG Oxbow™ Boone 5-Pocket Pant (Limited Edition)TSG Oxbow™ Boone 5-Pocket Pant (Limited Edition)
Oxbow Creek 1/4-Zip PulloverOxbow Creek 1/4-Zip Pullover
The Oxbow Canvas BeltThe Oxbow Canvas Belt
TSG Allszn Bamboo Long Sleeve Crew (Oxbow™)
TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Oxbow™)
TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Oxbow™)TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Oxbow™)
Final SaleTSG Long Sleeve Topper Crew (Coastal Oxbow™)TSG Long Sleeve Topper Crew (Coastal Oxbow™)
TSG Oxbow™ Guide ShirtTSG Oxbow™ Guide Shirt
Final SaleTSG Oxbow™ Lightweight Flannel ShirtTSG Oxbow™ Lightweight Flannel Shirt
TSG Oxbow x Free Bird CoffeeTSG Oxbow x Free Bird Coffee
TSG Oxbow Hybrid ShortTSG Oxbow Hybrid Short
TSG Short Sleeve Guide Shirt (Oxbow™)TSG Short Sleeve Guide Shirt (Oxbow™)
TSG Midszn Vest (Oxbow™)TSG Midszn Vest (Oxbow™)
Sold outTSG Midszn Hooded Jacket (Oxbow™)TSG Midszn Hooded Jacket (Oxbow™)
Final SaleTSG Oxbow ReelDown VestTSG Oxbow ReelDown Vest
TSG Apparel Co.
TSG Oxbow ReelDown Vest Sale price$89.00 Regular price$159.00
TSG Packable Oxbow™ Rain ShellTSG Packable Oxbow™ Rain Shell
Sold outTSG x Wingo Oxbow Basecamp Belt
TSG Short Sleeve Guide Shirt (Coastal Oxbow™)TSG Short Sleeve Guide Shirt (Coastal Oxbow™)
TSG Long Sleeve Topper Crew (Oxbow™)TSG Long Sleeve Topper Crew (Oxbow™)
TSG x Wingo Oxbow Dog Collar
TSG Baeron Waxed Jacket (Oxbow™)TSG Baeron Waxed Jacket (Oxbow™)
TSG x Wingo Oxbow Dog Leash
TSG Havenfield Shell Jacket (Oxbow™)TSG Havenfield Shell Jacket (Oxbow™)
Sold outTSG Baeron Waxed Vest (Oxbow™)TSG Baeron Waxed Vest (Oxbow™)