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Field Gear

Field Gear

This is what we work for--day-in, and day-out.  The field day.  Memories are made out there and the gear we use to help us be successful in the field means something as well.  Quality hunting, shooting, and field gear and goods are important to accomplish the task at hand: make memories, chase game, and pass along the traditions to the next person.  Shop our curated collection of shooting accessories, upland apparel, knives, binoculars, and other hunting gear for your next field day.

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Garmin Pro 550 Series CollarGarmin Pro 550 Series Collar
White Wing Waxed Canvas Four Box Shell CarrierWhite Wing Waxed Canvas Four Box Shell Carrier
White Wing Leather Pistol CaseWhite Wing Leather Pistol Case
YETI LoadOut GoBox 15YETI LoadOut GoBox 15
Sold outFilson Unscoped Gun CaseFilson Unscoped Gun Case
Dokken Dove Scent (2 oz.)
Dokken Quail Scent (2 oz.)
Dokken Lanyard
Dokken Pro WhistleDokken Pro Whistle
Dokken Canvas Dummy
Dokken Rubber Knobby DummyDokken Rubber Knobby Dummy
Sold outDokken Dead Fowl Puppy Pheasant
Dokken Dead Fowl Puppy Quail
Dokken Dead Fowl Puppy Dove
Dokken Dead Fowl Puppy Mallard
Dokken Dead Fowl Puppy Mallard
Sold outDokken Dead Fowl Bobwhite Quail
Sold outDokken Dead Fowl Pheasant
Sold outDokken Dead Fowl Mourning DoveDokken Dead Fowl Mourning Dove
Sold outDokken Dead Fowl Miniature Mallard
Sold outFishpond Bow Wow Travel Water BowlFishpond Bow Wow Travel Water Bowl
Fishpond Bow Wow Travel Food BowlFishpond Bow Wow Travel Food Bowl
Sold outNegrini WINGS Accessory BoxNegrini WINGS Accessory Box
Vortex Diamondback 12x50 Binoculars
Ben's Clothing & Gear Spray (24 oz.)Ben's Clothing & Gear Spray (24 oz.)
TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Wildwood)TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Wildwood)
TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Oxbow™)TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Oxbow™)
TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Forest)TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Forest)
TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Deep Sea)TSG Allszn Bamboo Hoody (Deep Sea)
Sold outKizer Yorkie Linerlock KnifeKizer Yorkie Linerlock Knife
TSG x Wingo Troutfecta Dog Leash
TSG x Wingo Orange Basecamp Belt
TSG x Wingo Olive Basecamp Belt
TSG x Wingo Oxbow Dog Leash
Sold outTSG x Wingo Oxbow Basecamp Belt
TSG Garner Hybrid VestTSG Garner Hybrid Vest
Elastic Precision Model PPK Rubber Band Gun
Sold outTSG Waxed Briar Chaps (Rustic Olive)TSG Waxed Briar Chaps (Rustic Olive)
Hoppe's Precision Gun Oil
Hoppe's Tornado Brush (20 ga.)
TSG Oxbow™ Guide ShirtTSG Oxbow™ Guide Shirt
Sold outHoppe's Blast & Shine Firearm Cleaner
Sold outFilson Tin Cloth Gun Sleeve
CHAMA Vaquero ChairCHAMA Vaquero Chair
Walker's Game Ear Passive Slim MuffsWalker's Game Ear Passive Slim Muffs
Kizer Domin Linerlock KnifeKizer Domin Linerlock Knife
Sold outKizer Yukon Linerlock KnifeKizer Yukon Linerlock Knife
Sold outKizer Zipslip Folding KnifeKizer Zipslip Folding Knife
Kizer Gemini Linerlock KnifeKizer Gemini Linerlock Knife
Sold outHoppe's Silicone Gun Cloth
Hoppe's Bore Swab Brush (12 ga.)