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What does it mean to be original? For many, original means being “the first” to do something or being the mold from which copies are made. We often call these copies imitations. Temple Fork is neither a copy, nor an imitator.

For Temple Fork, being original has always been about setting the bar and creating the standard by which an angler weighs a rod’s performance against its price. And in fly fishing, we were the first to emphasize this relationship, becoming the original rod company to offer the right tools at a sound price.

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TFO NXT Black Label Fly Reel
TFO Blue Ribbon Fly RodTFO Blue Ribbon Fly Rod
TFO NXT Black Label Fly RodTFO NXT Black Label Fly Rod
TFO NTR Fly ReelTFO NTR Fly Reel
TFO Pro III Fly RodTFO Pro III Fly Rod
TFO Legacy Fly RodTFO Legacy Fly Rod