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New favorite

TSG shirt is supper comfortable light weight and moves and it’s you


Great experience

TSG Never Disappoints

Every time I stop by TSG to grab a new tee, I walk out with much more. I am loving the Brooks LS shirt I recently bought. Marc and his staff always have the perfect recommendations and make you feel at home. Stop by TSG and see for yourself.

TSG Guide Shirt
Ronald Steen
Comfort spot for Sport

Sporting Gent is a spot with Great service and personal help with a curated sporting style.

Comfy Pants

The pants are so comfortable that it’s like you’re naked, but in a socially acceptable way.

Fly Flag Short Sleeve Tee
MIchael Bouchon

Fly Flag Short Sleeve Tee

TSG Course Short
Stephen Stapleton
Short Review

My wife and I happened upon your store. Excellent customer service, great dogs and a wonderful selection. The TSG Course short is perfect - great fit, comfortable and quite stylish. Next time we’re in Charlotte, we will stop by to pet the dogs and say hi. Thanks for a great experience.

TSG Roadie Polo
Geoffrey Carter
Where have these shirts been all my life??

Can’t say enough good things about these shirts. Great fit. Great look. Buy every color. Oh, and there’s a pocket.

TSG Brooks SS Shirt
Clay Campbell
Perfect for Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ

If you think that’s a verb, take a lap. Great fit and fabric and better folks at the shop.

Yep, it's that awesome.

What's the best way to gauge the awesomeness of this hat? Here are a few: (1) compliments from strangers, (2) strangers asking where they can get the same hat, (3) the wife approves, (4) the kids think its cool and want to add it to their dress-up outfits, (5) you're told it looks "real good on ya", and (6) it's just that awesome. I can confirm that each of these has occurred way more than once since I bought it. So I'll likely go buy a second just in case the kiddos get their hands on it.

TSG Topper Polo
Dwight Bailey
Dwight’s kickass review

Amazing all around as always. Customer service, friendliness, and product top gd notch as always! Love you all.

Great Customer Service

Was really impressed with the attention to detail when I placed an order. I had constant oversight to when I would get my order, and it shipped within a day of the order being placed. Great customer service.

TSG Hatteras Performance Pant

Damn fine pants.

Wore the Boone britches the first day out of the shipping package. Liked them so much that I ordered another pair the very next. Good work, fellas.

Great Service and Products

Hornets Nest Trucker
Foster Obrien
If you need a gift for a guy, this is a great place to start.

They have whosits and whatsits galore, but for dudes. Lots of different price points from $ to $$$, but know if you buy the latter, rest assured it will LAST, and you will LOVE it.

Great owners. Best clothing I have ever purchased

I love shopping here for the men in our family. They always love what You help me pick out.

Free Fly Flex Pocket Tee

TSG Brooks LS Shirt

Very comfortable shirt for everyday work and play wear.

BRN Trout Short Sleeve Tee

You don't need a reason to wear this!

I bought this shirt for my husband, who can't seem to get enough shirts in technical fabrics. TSG's proprietary Airetex fabric is fantastic! As a moisture wicking fabric, it fits every activity from the coast to the mountains, regardless of weather. Our summers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are very Alaska-like and layers are needed even in mid-July. Fall and Spring weather in Montana are always unpredictable and this shirt is perfect for hiking, fly-fishing or just driving through the National Parks. The zipper keeps a credit card secure and the color (dark olive green) is a good choice even if you aren't in the woods or on the water. He wears a XXL and the shirt fits well, neither being too tight or short in length (XXL's often have those issues in tech fabrics). It's well made like all TSG branded items and I will be shopping for other color replacements when I clean out the other brands not making the cut anymore!

Happy shopper

Love your store

Sweet gear

Most of you know TSG as The Sporting Gent, but I know TSG for Totally Sweet Gifts. I have been strolling into TSG and buying gift for a few years now and each time I go in, there is something new I have never seen before. Well this time I go in and the Gent behind the counter told me the stores behind these awesome leather wrapped rock glasses. And then said he could personalize them with the recipients initials. After watching him chisel each letter into the soft leather I knew I had found the best Father’s Day gift. Thank you Sporting Gent for having the best gifts in Charlotte

TSG Brooks SS Shirt
Elizabeth Little
Awesome store

Friendly and helpful. Merchandise is great. Unique item for men

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