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Covey Reel Down Vest

Fantastic design and product. Highly recommend.

Hip Hunting Hat

Hat is blaze orange and sharp looking...not cheesy like a lot of similar type hats.

HEAD and shoulders better than the rest

This is my new favorite hat. From golf course, to the lake, to the woods this hat is sure to top of your look. The fit and lightweight feel is great. It will be my go-to hat in 2021.

This hat moves the needle

This hat nails the fit, and combines casual styling with a hint of ruggedness that makes a seamless transition from the field to the brewery. Oh and it turns me from a 6.5 into a solid low 8.

An Englishman’s First Beer

Many year’s ago ,long before the chief shirt folder was even a twinkle in his daddy’s eye, I visited America for the first time. I was introduced to American beer. I have made an effort to forget that particular libation, but I do remember the can. Now I am walking around in a T-shirt that bears a resemblance to that can, though it is much more comfortable to wear and likely to be a part of my life far beyond my relationship with that beer. Buy it and wear a part of my history.

Excellent Gift

Was given as a gift to dear friend and he already used at the Shucker knife at his farm at oyster roast and loved it. All good!!

Trout Patch Hat AMAZING

Great quality and amazing feel both in hand and on head. Also love the leather strap!

Great Pants!

I’ve always had trouble finding a pair of pants that fits me well, but is also comfortable. These pants do both and I will certainly be getting a few more pairs.

Best. Damn. Hoodie

Admittedly, I’m a gear and apparel junky and borderline snob. I also have an obsession for “old school” camo patterns. The TSG hoodie in Oxbow checks ALL BOXES. It’s incredibly well made. Buttery soft. And looks AWESOME. I’ve worn it in the field and out on the town. In both scenarios I’ve been complimented on it. Hell, I love this hoodie so much I bought the crew neck version too! If you’re looking for an insanely comfortable, great looking, and well made hoodie all the while supporting an American small business ... BUY THIS THING NOW!!

True to its word

This box sheds water like hairs shed off of the top of Marc's head. Holds the perfect amount of flies for a day on a trout stream! Wouldn't expect anything less from Fishpond/Tacky

The Only Pants You Will Ever Need

Whether you're closing big deals at the office/home office, or handing out round house kicks at the dojo, these are the pants for you. I love that I can literally wear these pants in any situation and be comfortable. The office, golf course, bar, you name it. I have them in all six colors, and will 100% buy another pair if and when a sixth is released. Do yourself a favor and get into the Boone 5-pocket Pants!

Endless compliments on this hat

I have only had this hat for a week and it has already taken the place of all my other hats combined. I wore it fishing for red drum this past weekend and every single one of my buddies complimented it and asked where it was from. I told them about this store, which has been an absolute pleasure to shop from beginning to end. They make online ordering so easy and simple, and if you want to do in store pick up you get to meet the 2 dogs that will brighten your day as soon as you walk in the store. Incredible hat, incredible people, incredible store. (And incredible pups)

Top Notch

Just picked up my online order of Havenfield Shell jacket. The fit is perfect! I’m usually picky about the length, but this is spot on! The construction and fabric is very strong and durable! I purchased the field khaki. Very tempted to go back and get the camo version. Highly recommend this! Stands up with the best so far! Thanks TSG!

The perfect shirt doesn't exi...

Well, now the perfect shirt does exist. In fact, that's what TSG should have named this shirt. Big miss by the marketing department. The shirt has just enough stretch to move with you and be comfortable, while still maintaining that classic oxford look and texture. For me, button-down collars is a must so they don't get sloppy, and the hidden button-down collar on this shirt gets the job done.

Lights Out

I have this shell in oxbow and whether I’m shooting birds in the field or chasing wild trout in the Appalachians, this jacket performs. This thrown over a long sleeve and a vest in the field and I’m good all day. Just heavy enough to be an excellent windbreaker but not so much that I’m cooking on the inside. I throw it on over my waders before hitting the trout stream all the time and the pockets are the perfect size for a fly box. Lights out product and am thrilled with my purchase.

I’d pay double!

This pullover is exceptional in every way. Material, fit, color, everything. I wear it under a wax jacket often, makes for perfect layering. I’d literally pay 2x for this.

Perfect For New Dads

Did I purchase this vest because it looks great (fits great, too) and because its pockets and padding make it great for shooting in cooler weather? Yup. Did I know it’d be versatile as a dad vest? Nope - but it is. Pocket for wipes? Check. Pocket for extra diapers? Check. Pocket for when your kid hurls her toy 50 yards and now you have to carry it? Check. Pocket for freshly spilt puffs everywhere? Check. Easily washable when she puts her sticky mitts all over your beard and shoulders? Check.

Great for shooting and great for new dads? Check and check. 5/5

TSG Quilted Softon Field Pullover
Warm Pullover

Very warm pullover. Fantastic for scouting, almost too much for sitting around indoors. Really like the style and the fit, will be getting another one.

MeatEater Cookbook

Great addition to our cookbook library. Really enjoyed the different take on jalapeno poppers on Pg. 157.

This shirt catches fish

It is science- this shirt catches more fish. It is a fantastic layer under a vest or jacket when on the water or out in the woods. Quick drying for when you're landing a trout, yet also looks surprisingly good with a pair of jeans out at a brewery. This shirt does it all.

Very Nice Shirt

Fits well and fabric is very soft and comfortable. Online store ships quickly.

my grandkids loved it!

I received this vest from my wife for Christmas. I wore it so often , the grandkids wondered whether I slept in it. Very comfortable and , though I do not sleep in it , it has received a lot of use in the 13 days since Christmas. Ok ,so I am the chief shirt folders father and thus likely a little biased ; but trust me this is great, even for old men like me.

“They’ll call me the Mysterious Silver Fox”

“Alrighhttt, this is perfect! I’m like half Irish immigrant and half southern gentleman and ridiculously handsome of course. I’ll throw them all off... they’ll call me the Mysterious Silver Fox” - Tom, Father of 4, Irish immigrant living in the South

“The Sexy Fisherman I am”

“Aah wow I love this I will live in this- I can do cartwheels with Reecey, chop some wood, grill my steaks with a beer, and boat around like the sexy fisherman I am” - my 55-year old Irish-immigrant Father who got this for Christmas

Love these TSG Boone Pants!

I got two pairs of the Boone Pants for Christmas and I could not be happier. The material is soft and comfortable. It fits the leg just right. They thankfully don't have a long rise. They are perfect for wearing around town during the day, in the office, or even at night going out. They feel very well made and I love the color selection as well. They look awesome with my new Danner Pilgrim Chukkas, also from TSG. Looks like my Peter Millar pants are gonna get benched for these new Boone Pants! Well done TSG!!

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