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Luggage & Bags

Filson, Fishpond, YETI, Mission Mercantile--we source the best of the best in luggage and bags so you can travel confidently for years to come.  Nothing says "I've got my sh*t together" like a dude with a good bag by his side.  Check out the curated collection and be that dude.

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YETI Crossroads Duffel 60LYETI Crossroads Duffel 60L
YETI Crossroads Duffel 40LYETI Crossroads Duffel 40L
YETI Crossroads Backpack 27LYETI Crossroads Backpack 27L
YETI Crossroads Backpack 22LYETI Crossroads Backpack 22L
Filson Twill Tote Bag w/ ZipperFilson Twill Tote Bag w/ Zipper
Filson Journeyman BackpackFilson Journeyman Backpack
Fishpond River Bank BackpackFishpond River Bank Backpack
Filson Dry Duffle (Medium)Filson Dry Duffle (Medium)
Sold outFilson Large Dry BagFilson Large Dry Bag
Sold outFilson Oil Finish RucksackFilson Oil Finish Rucksack
Filson Roll-Top Tote BagFilson Roll-Top Tote Bag
Sold outFilson Camo Shotgun Dry BagFilson Camo Shotgun Dry Bag
Filson Small Dry BagFilson Small Dry Bag
Sold outFilson Camo Backpack Dry BagFilson Camo Backpack Dry Bag
Sold outFilson Camo Sportsman Dry BagFilson Camo Sportsman Dry Bag
Sold outFilson Dry BackpackFilson Dry Backpack
Sold outFilson Rugged Twill Suit CoverFilson Rugged Twill Suit Cover
Sold outFilson Padded Computer BagFilson Padded Computer Bag
Sold outFilson Travel PackFilson Travel Pack
Sold outYETI Panga Backpack 28YETI Panga Backpack 28
Sold outFilson Small Rugged Twill Duffle BagFilson Small Rugged Twill Duffle Bag
Sold outFilson Ripstop Nylon PullmanFilson Ripstop Nylon Pullman
Filson Original Twill BriefcaseFilson Original Twill Briefcase
Personalize MeFilson Rugged Twill Medium Duffle BagFilson Rugged Twill Medium Duffle Bag
Sold outFilson Heritage Sportsman BagFilson Heritage Sportsman Bag
Filson Dryden Briefcase
Sold outFilson Dryden BriefcaseFilson Dryden Briefcase
Sold outFilson Dryden BackpackFilson Dryden Backpack
Personalize MeFilson 48-Hour DuffleFilson 48-Hour Duffle
Personalize MeClayton & Crume Antique Saddle Luggage TagClayton & Crume Antique Saddle Luggage Tag
Fishpond Bighorn Kit BagFishpond Bighorn Kit Bag
Sold outFilson Rugged Twill Travel KitFilson Rugged Twill Travel Kit